Hi, I’m Dom. Welcome to my first blog post!

My main objective for this blog is to start documenting my work more. Having had completed some small side projects and interning at some companies, I wanted a place to document the details of my past work. I thought that a blog is the perfect place for this!

I’ve also been quite curious about Swyx’s Learn in Public philosophy for a little while, so I thought I’d give blogging a go and put it to the test. Reading Show Your Work by Austin Kleon has also been quite a factor in terms of giving me that final push I needed to get this blog set up.

Blog Details

The tech stack I used to set up this blog is quite straightforward. Hugo is the static site generator responsible for most of the heavy work. It allows me to write posts in Markdown and compile them into a static page using a theme of my choosing. The site is then hosted on GitHub Pages (with Jekyll bypassed), but Netlify is another very popular choice.

Alternative static site generators I’ve also considered are Gatsby and Jekyll:

  • Gatsby is another popular solution, however I didn’t see it as being easily maintainable as it may require some tinkering with React. I wanted something that serves only as a blog generator, allowing me to focus on writing blog posts and not tweaking the tools.

  • Jekyll is used by default on GitHub pages so it felt like the more natural choice. I’ve tried to set it up in the past, but ran into many issues on the way stemming from Ruby dependencies on both Windows and Mac. Hugo worked out of the box and I found it to be a faster framework

Anyway, I hope you find the content on this blog useful!